One Piece 659 About My Torso

12:12 PG

In the beginning of One Piece 659 About My Torso, the marine team that leads by Vice Admiral Smoker from G5 has arrived to the island and they are trying to enter the the island while breaking the ice that block the path by using Canon from the Marine Warship.

The scene then change to Luffy, Robin, Usopp and Zoro. The scene show four of them crossing the island of fire to the island of snow using Banana Boat that is one of the Usopp weapon.

While they are crossing the island, suddenly they met with the centaur and the centaur shout to his boss. At the other side of snowing island, Luffy, Robin, Usopp and Zoro saw a group of centaur and one of them looks really big. Might be their boss

Meanwhile on the other side of the island, the scenes show Nami, Chopper and the giant kids from One Piece 658 Biscuits Room were running to escape from that place and Sanji with Franky doing some attack to the guys who wears mask.

However that's not the end for this chapter, the marines with Vice Admiral Smoker from beginning of the chapter has landed safely on the island and the most surprise part is when they met with Trafalgar Law who already become one of the Shichibukai with the current bounty of 440 Million Beli.

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  1. saspen giler trafalgar law tu..tak sabar nak tunggu yang 660 punya..haha

  2. hafizin : ha ah agak terkejut tgk trafalgar law ade. 660 mesti best

  3. Ni kartun memang lawak gilakkk..haha!