One Piece Chapter 658 Biscuits Room

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In the beginning of One Piece Chapter 658 Biscuits Room, Sanji, Chopper, Franky and Nami met with the giant kids while they were trying to escape from the mysterious place in Punk Hazard. The rendezvous of the 4 straw hat pirates with a group of giant kids brings up some weird look and opinion for both sides.

While the crew of straw hat pirates are having talk with the group of giant kids, the mysterious men who wear the mask and body suit were trying to catch up with them. They trying capture sanji, chopper, franky and nami  who already in biscuits room.

In their process of running away from the mask men, one of the giant kids begging to be saved and later the whole group of kids crying and ask the crew to save them. Nami just can't turn her back on the kids and decide to save them. When one of the mask men trying to attack the kids and them, sanji then make his move and chopper and franky also counter attack the mask men.

In the next scenes, there were Luffy, Zoro, Usopp, Robin and they are still at the burning island of Punk Hazard and they were having a conversation with Brooks through Den Den Mushi. Brooks explain everything of what happen on Thousand Sunny. Luffy then being ambushed by centaurs and what will happen next to them ? Read more One Piece Chapter 658 below :

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