The Real Thousand Sunny

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The Real Thousand Sunny is now one of the attraction in Odaiba, Tokyo waterfront secondary city. Thousand Sunny currently the second ship of the Straw Hat Pirates, and their primary mode of transportation after the Going Merry was lost. It is a Brig Sloop type ship built from Adam Wood. It was designed and built by Franky with a little help from Iceburg, and the Dock One Galley-La foremen. The size of Sunny Go was double compare to the Going Merry. The figurehead of the Thousand Sunny is a large lion face with two crossbones.

Inside Thousan Sunny, there were men's and women's quarters, kitchen, dining room, sick bay, aquarium, library, workrooms, bath, crow's nest, and survey room.

Coupe De Burst 

Roughly meaning Burst Blow that is a maneuver used by the ship that was first seen in order to escape Vice Admiral Garp's attack. coup de burst uses three barrels of Cola to fire a giant cannon downward and rocket the ship into the air thus making a great escape or as Franky calls it, a "Water Escape"

Gaon Cannon 

It is a powerful cannon hidden within the lion's mouth in the prow of the ship, the cannon itself fires a blast of air that resembles an energy beam. Gaon Cannon uses 5 barrels of cola in all, three to fire the cannon itself and two to fire a rear cannon, the same one used in the Coup de Burst, to stabilize the ship.

Below are some pictures of real thousand sunny taken at Odaiba, Tokyo. 

Picture from Vankaizer
Some info from One Piece

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