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One Piece 3D Straw Hat Chase

A few days ago I just finish watching One Piece 3D Straw Hat Chase. The duration for this film is only 30 minutes but it is worth to watch until the end because it was pack with full action although the character face look a little bit square shape and emotionless with 3D style. 

Synopsis :

One Piece 3D Straw Hat Chase is the 11th One Piece film of the series and the first one piece movie release to be in 3D CGI. In the beginning of the film, Schneider tries to part with his dog, Buzz one night. He's doing that because he finds that he is coughing up blood, which he takes to mean that he is dying and does not want his loyal companion ( Buzz ) to watch him die before his eyes.

The scene then change to the Thousand Sunny as it sails the Grand Line at night. Usopp, who wakes up to use the restroom notices the door was open and a bird flying overhead but does not pay attention to it when he comes back to his room. The next day, Luffy can't find his precious straw hat and searches the whole ship. Soon the rest of the crew go out to search the ocean for Luffy's hat.

While they all searching for the hat, Chopper spots a ship in the ocean and there Schneider passed out from coughing up blood on that ship. Chopper and Usopp bring Schneider back to the Shark Submerge to get him treated on the Sunny but just as they are about to leave, Usopp saw a giant bird lands on the ship with Luffy's straw hat in its beak.

Without wasting any time, Luffy chase after the bird and chase leads the whole crew through some glaciers, a Marine blockade, into a cave, off a waterfall and into a nest of sea kings. 

The most interesting part and nice scenes in this film is when Roronoa Zoro try to release Luffy from sea stone cage and make his move by attacking the marines. The attack of sword play by Zoro really awesome and it looks like playing a video game. Below are some of the screen shots from Zoro action :


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ezzyra berkata...

dah gila one piece dah ko ni

Freaky berkata...

memang pun.. addict gile gile

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