Ernie Musliana :)

8:18 PTG

This is my girl friend !!

Is this ur gf ?

YES , This is my Girl friend :D !!

and her name is Ernie Musliana Mustazaidi

First time I saw her at UniMAP, I know I already fall in love with her
In the beginning of our relationship, we start be a friend and we juz contact
and chating through YM.

1 nite, the celcom broadband service was so bad so it give us no chance to have a chat.
Then I try to ask for her phone number and SHE GIVE IT !!
I've become so happy .... we messaging everyday back then and she start calling me bulat
while I call her Buncett :D

We've become very closed and suddenly.....
I asked her to be my gf on mid nite 31 may 2010.
I remembered how shaky I am to type a message asking her to be my gf :)

me : urmmm ermm do u wanna be my gf ?

she ( rep through fb ) : My dear, I say YES

And start from that moment, we become a sweet couple :)

Wat so Special about her ?

errmm her specialty? wow that's a lot n i cant list all of it.
But what i most like about her is her smile n her laugh, That was more than enough for me
to be happy :)

I really care about her coz i Love her so much :)

Thank you so much Ernie Musliana for be my gf.

You cheer me everytime I got down :)

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