Jumaat, 24 Februari 2012

Review One Piece 654 Small Group

Review One Piece 654 Small Group. A few hours ago I just checked on Mangareader.net for a new episode of one piece and looks like there’s new episode. So I took my time for a few minutes reading the whole episode of 654. This episode is about the straw hat pirates are on their way to the surface of the sea in order to continue their journey to the other half of Grand Line, New World.

Their journey towards the surface of the sea are always full of danger and excitement. As usual Luffy with his big stomach and eat a lot trying to catch a sea monster with Usop to make food. However after catching 1 fish, the fish then becomes a bait to another larger sea monster. The large sea monster that eat their fish then dragged into the White Strom and their ship, Sunny also got dragged into the vortex. Want to know what happen to the straw hat pirates ? read here : One Piece 654


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