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Review One Piece 655 Punk Hazard

Review One Piece 655 Punk Hazard. After Fishman Island, the strawhat pirates has enter the New World. In the beginning of this chapter, Luffy and his friends were sailing on the fierce sea and suddenly they see the volcano just erupted from the island and the sea that is covered with fire.

Review One Piece 654 Small Group

While everyone is worry about the fire, suddenly the Den Den Mushi is crying as the sign there is a call. Robin ask luffy for not answering the Den Den Mushi because it might be a trap that has been set up by the marines.

However the idiot luffy always act recklessly and he answer the den den mushi. The calls reveal the emergency situation from the island of fire. After hearing the terrible call, Luffy decided to check on the island and he brings some of his crew to the Punk Hazard.

What happen to Luffy and what did they found on the island of fire ? read it more here :


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