Sabtu, 25 Jun 2011

Firefox 5

Dah seminggu aku tak buka emel dan bila buka tadi, ada satu emel daripada pasukan Mozilla yang menyatakan bahawa Firefox 5 sudah keluar.

Nak download, klik :

Firefox Is New! (Again!)

Give us an F-I-R-E-F-O-X! OK, you don't really have to give us all those, but as you can see, we're pretty excited about the latest version of Firefox. This is the first release as part of our accelerated schedule and it's all aimed at getting you the newest features and latest technologies faster than ever before so you've always got the best browsing experience possible. There are more than one thousand improvements in this release alone. You can download the latest Firefox for desktop and mobile right now. But before you do, here's a quick overview:

Privacy Do Not Track does just what it says: lets you tell advertisers you don't want them to track your information and we're working with them to make sure that happens. They're not all on board yet, but we've seen some real progress. We first introduced the feature in Firefox 4 and now you'll find it in the Privacy tab of the Preferences menu. Join the millions of users already using this new privacy feature.

Mobile — With this release, we brought Do No Track to mobile making Firefox the first mobile browser that lets you tell sites you don't want to be tracked. We've also improved page load times and overall panning for a faster, smoother mobile experience. Plus, we're seeing more and more restartless add-ons, which is extra handy on mobile.

Developer Extras — This isn't for everyone, but if you're the kind of person who likes to get under the hood and tinker with the Web, we've added CSS animation support so you can show off even more with graphics and video. Plus, with our Add-on Builder (Beta) and the Add-on SDK, it's easier than ever to build great restartless add-ons for Firefox. Let's see what you got.

Not sure if you're on the latest version? Go to About Firefox to find out (you should be able to find it under the Firefox menu by selecting 'About Firefox').

Firefox logo
p/s : Pada hal keluar pada 21 June tapi baru hari ni tahu :P .. takde ape yang berubah pun dari segi interface. hanya sistem je di-upgrade

6 ulasan:

sergeant keroro berkata...

aku lagi suka chrome, hehe XD

nawal addina berkata...

nawal pakai chrome :)

Cik Teddy berkata...

chrome gak..dh shati sejiwa..hihi

JR Online berkata...

Zaman dulu2 JR pakai internet xplorer, kemudian mozilla firefox, kemudian chrome, sekarang bila ada versi baru berpatah balik kpd mozilla firefox semula. (Kes tak setia pd yg satu nihhh...)

tia @ Ini Kisah Tia berkata...

haha ! chrome jua pilihanku ..

cucu umie berkata...

ayie still pky chrome..kureng deh pky mozilla..xthu kenapa??

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