Khamis, 28 April 2011

Can't Sleep

The time now is at 4.26 am and I'm totally wired in front of my laptop listening to the song that I haven't heard for a few days. Tonight I can't sleep very well because my body is like burning from the inside and all I felt right now was so hot.

It's been some time for me not to stay in the dark and doing some chit-chat thing. That was the old time when I was so addicted with the chit-chat and the IRC ( internet relay chat ) . Now I got a new hobby that is blogging and blogwalking.

Talking about chatting, I really wonder how was my old chat friend doing now. Whether they are still having the chat thing or already move to something else and I didn't pay a visit to them for a long time at the chat room.

Right now I'm so busy with my study and after this semester end I think I will visit them at the chat room. Really hope they still hang out there so I can have a really stupid and funny chat with them. They always make me laugh with their joke. Chat world is fun and it is like you are communicating directly with people you like in a real time.

Thats all for this morning, I want to get some rest while listening to the music and maybe will do some blog-walking later...

p/s : Sorry for my broken english

2 ulasan:

shekechik [̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅] berkata...

owh..bwu taw shukew chat ea..
sabar2..abis final godam habis2..

btw,GOOD LUCK!!!!

Azariah Kamis berkata...

huhu...bdan tbakor??
isk2...awt x p bremdam ja dlam aiq..

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