Khamis, 10 Mac 2011

Tips Ramaikan Follower

Entri Ini di copy paste dengan izin tuan blog invasion plan

Nak RAMAIKAN FOLLOWER ? jom sama-sama ikut TIPS RAMAIKAN FOLLOWER seperti di bawah.

1st : Make your blog simple

why? because too long loading session will eventually bored the follower.
yes, i always in that situation.
from my opinion, just put some needed widget, and useful one.
no need to be so glorious,
since all the blog that have huge follower,
really a very simple blog.

2nd : Put a Chatbox
this is a must,
because it's made life easier.
by making exchanging link with other bloggers
yes, if people follow you,
they can drop their link for you to follow back
or visit back
where to find?
just find some blog, and click at the get this chatbox
you'll be directing to the webpage
or u can just click HERE!

3rd : Don't do this

do what?
making your blog adult content
and also word verification on comments given.
because sometimes it ruins the mood of blogwalkers
in case of slow loading blog,
i'll definately won't visit that blog again
how to do that?
for comments, you can refer this girl
for adult content, just go to
settings>basic>adult content>no
easy right? =)

4th : blogwalking
yes, this is essential for new bloggers
i think so
because i do that too
lol =P
by blogwalking
you can add new friends,
and also readers and lastly followers.
just be sincere of yourself
and you'll get your reward for it
believe me =)

5th : Quality Control

this is what Mr K has taught me
through his post
no need to post many entry, but has no quality at all
Mr K doesn't blogwalking much, but
he control the quality of his post.
as for me, he's cool man.
want to know more?
just click HERE!

6th : Facebook or Twitter

this is just a common method now,
just like Sahabat Blogger
and Geng Blogger
at their FB wall,
you can post your latest update
and get to know some new friends

aku rasa setakat itu sahaja, pengkongsian ilmu yang aku tahu. harap korang semua dapat praktikkan. =)

semoga follower dan reader bertambah ramai =D

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