Sabtu, 5 Mac 2011

This evening

This evening I just lay down my back on bed and having some fun playing old school game. Tomorrow got test but still can play game happily.

First game for this evening is Street Fighter 2008 ( can't remember the title of the game correctly) . This game kinda old school because the latest version is in 3d where the graphic looks cool and smooth. I already install the latest version but unfortunately I can't play it. :(

After playing Street Fighter for some time, I then continue playing Need for Speed Carbon. Actually I want to play NFS Hot Pursuit but it turns out that my laptop display the Blue Screen of Death. I dunno why that Blue Screen happen and it really spoil my mood.

So rite now I'm already tired of playing game and wanna get some rest and also do some blogwalking.. :)

p/s : Sorry for my broken english :)

7 ulasan:

Sca Ndx berkata...

need for speed FTW!

Freaky berkata...

haha ape tu ??

^KillerWae™ IS BACK ..!! berkata...

Ini Bukan Spamm !!
Blog Walking..
Visit Back Please..

^Hacker Blitar Sejati™..

tHnKz 4 Visit.. ^_^
salam Damai dari Blogger BLITAR..
Untuk Tukar LINK silahkan Klik Link INI..

ked :) berkata...

game mahsyuk :D

Freaky berkata...

killer : adoi banyak link

ked : bole la wat ilang bosan

Kak Rosaliza berkata...

akk pun kdg2 sempat juga main tension dok gaduh ngan ank..mama pun join

Freaky berkata...

haha tol tu kak.. ilang gak tensen main game ni

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