Selasa, 7 Disember 2010

Yahuuu TAG

Salam. hehe post kali ni saje nak buat tag... :)

Starting time : 08:40

Name : Muhammad Firdaus bin Abu Bakar
Brother(s) : 3
Eyes colour : Coklat gelap kot
Shoes size : Prefer 7
Hair : Penderk jeee
Piercings : ???
Heights : 167 cm
What are you wearing right now? : Baju merah Nike + kain pelikat merah
Where do you live? : Terengganu
Favourite number : 23 , 7
Favourite drink : Milo , coffe, nescafe
Favourite month : May
Favourite breakfast : Nasi goreng / roti canai / nasi bungkus

- have you ever -
Broke a bone : di Dada, during operation
Been in a police car : yep and I win. I lost the stupid police
Fallen for a friend : Pernah
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time : Pernah
Swam in the ocean : x pandai berenang
Fallen asleep in school : X suke tdo dalam kelas
Broken someone's heart : pernah jugak
Cried when someone died : Not really
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : Absolutely
Saved e-mails : a lot
Been cheated on : Banyak kali

- what -
Your room looks like? : Like a Store room
What is right beside you? : Hard disk, Speaker, lcd monitor
What is the last thing you ate? : Ns putih + paprik ayam

- ever had -
Chicken pox : Never had 1
Sore throat : Banyak kali gak
Stitches : ???
Broken nose : Tak pernah lagi :)

- do you -
Believe in love at first sight : I'm in love with her at first sight
Like picnics? : Yeeaaaaa

- who -
Who did you last yell at? : Cat, it try to steal my paprik chiken
Who was the last person you danced with? : Ernie Musliana ? hahah.
Who last made you smile? : Ernie Musliana

- final questions -
What are you listening to right now? : my Laptop
What did you do today? : travel from perlis to terengganu
Are you the oldest? : yeeerrr
Indoors or outdoors? : I take both

- today did you -
Talk to someone you like? : Everyday, everynight
Kiss anyone? : muuaaahhxx
Sing? : sukeee
Talk to an ex? : Last time I talk to her was 10 monts ago
Miss someone? : Yes, my gf
Eat? : Just finish

- last person who -
You talked to on the phone? : Ernie Musliana
Made you cry? : Ernie Musliana, happy
Went to the movies with? : Ernie Musliana
You went to the mall with? : Ernie Musliana
Who cheered you up? : family and her and ke-kawan :D

- have you -
been to Mexico : belom lagi
been to USA : belom gak

- random -
Have a crush on someone? : Pernah jugak beberapa kali
What book are you reading right now? : Hardware Magazine
Best feeling in the world? : In Love with her
Future kids name? : ehem2
Did you sleep with a stuffed animal? : tedy yang sangat kecik
What's under your bed? : 2 Subwoofer, 3 monitors and wires
Favourite sport(s) : Like to watch NFL
Favourite place : Computer centre
Who do you really hate? : Caterpillar
Do you have a job? : Still student
What time is it now? : 08:56 pm

Sape bace ni anda dikire kene TAG... yang da buat tayah buat da :)

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