Rabu, 22 September 2010

What should I do ? :(

I keep missing her

it is impossible for me to avoid this feeling.

but recently,

This feeling grows tremendously.

It cause my heart beat faster than usual

I can't calm myself......

can't focus on what i'm doing

What should I do ?

I ask that question to my heart

and suddenly my heart juz crying

I can feel how it cry but I still don't know what to do

and I juz let my heart crying because of this feeling

I don't wish to stop this heart from crying because....

I never miss someone like this in my life

even this feeling hurt me badly

I will make sure this feeling keep growing

I will make sure my love to ernie musliana keep growing

I will make sure She is happy with me

coz I know,

She love me so much

and I love her so much too


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