Khamis, 9 September 2010

Tag ???

Rules and Regulation :
firstly , if you've been tagged , you must write yours answer in your own blog and replace any question that you dislike with a new , original question . secondly , tag eight people .don't refuse to do that , don't tag people who tagged you .

1 . who sleeps in bed next to you ?
wat does next to me mean ? I webcam with my gf using my lapy and my lapy is next to me when i sleep.. So it was my gf who sleep next to me :D

2 . do you ever lied to a boyfriend/girlfriend to get out of somethings ?
Sumtime but in the end i tell her the truth :P

3 . what kind of kuih raya did you make ?
kueh ? buat ns minyak je bantu mak kt dapur.. :D

4 . best day of the week ?
yeeeaaaaaayyyy esok raya

5 . what's really creepy ?
Ulat Bulu...

6 . what's your current fandom / obsession / addiction ?
of coz ernie musliana mustazaidi

7 . what are the colour of your baju raya ?
purplelicious... hahahaha :D

8 . what did you eat for break fast today ?
ermm makan nasi n ade ayam goweng

9 . what is your aim for this raya ?
Food - nasi minyak, ns dagang, satay, kueh raya, minuman manis :D

10 . what was the last things you bought ?
Pendrive and Windows 7 .. juz bought is yesterday

11 . what was the cuttest thing you've seen recently ?
cute ??? dunno :|

12 . does the cute things affect your mood ?
the cute face of my gf :D

13 . what is your zodiac sign ?
Leo... and maybe virgo.. not sure la

14 . do you want to learn other skills ?
Programming - mastering all kind of programming :D

15 . 5 things you like about malaysia ?
budaya, kemanan, bersatu padu, makanan, tmpat melancong

16 . if you could meet anyone now , who would you meet ?
erm i dun have many friends so I juz wanna meet my gf for now :)

17 . what's somethings you'd to say to someone right now ?
.................. ( its words. not juz DOTs ok ? )

18 . what are you looking forward to ?
I think I am going to buy an external hard drive :D

19 . say something to the person who tagged you ?
hehehehehe Muahxx

orang yang aku tag

-Sarah cendol


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